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People and Projects

Please find below some of the people and projects that the fund has supported.


The Climate Book donated to schools and colleges

Some 50 copies of the Greta Thunberg's Climate book have been donated to schools and colleges in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas.  Fi admired Greta and fully supported the Fridays For Future school strikes.  She knew that enlightened leadership would come through the young and that is why we should inspire them to engage and discuss ideas together to support the future generation of leaders.

Robin Boardman was one of the founding members of Extinction Rebellion.  In May 2020 Robin contracted chronic long COVID and as of May 2023 was still recovering from the debilitating illness.  Robin has had to withdraw from active campaigning and therefore aims to continue being active by writing and rsharing research via a new website. The fund helped kick started his website which carries his personal gratitude to Fi as a campaigner 

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Orchard School

The Environment and Gardening Club at Orchard School are currently working on creating a memorial garden which remember two former students .  Details and pictures to come.


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